- €55.00
- sliced
- can ship to other address as gift
- shipping to IRL, UK and EU (please email direct if outside these areas as various import charges apply)

Wild Smoked Salmon can be 'Out of Stock' at certain times of year as this is a seasonal product. Please order early for Christmas - you can select a later delivery date during the purchasing process.

Please allow 3 days for delivery when ordering Wild Smoked Salmon, as the salmon will be smoked to order.

65.00 (Incl. VAT %)
Weight: .454kg
How many ?

Due to Brexit and the subsequent increased shipment costs, we can no longer offer shipping to the UK on our website.

If you are UK based and you need to purchase from our stock,

please contact us directly so the increased cost can be added on.

Email -(lee@duncannonsmokehouse.ie)

Tel -(+353 51 421910)