Kai Ronan from Duncannon Smokehouse, Wexford, IrelandDuncannon Smokehouse produces a smoked fish range that includes Irish Organic Smoked Salmon. Our Organic Salmon is sourced from the Irish Seafood Producers Group, certified suppliers in Ireland who are in turn approved by Bio Suisse, Naturland, IOFGA and Agriculture Biologique. The fish is filleted and pin boned by hand and then dry salted for several hours before smoking. The smoking process can take between 7 and 12 hours. Once the smoking has been completed the fish are removed from the kiln and chilled. WHAT MAKES OUR SALMON ORGANIC organic standards for salmon and trout require farming conditions to be as close as possible to nature, having regard for food safety, animal welfare and environmental sustainability a high tidal rate (which is defined in the organic standards) characterises the area in which the farms are situated and ensures that the sea water continually flushes through the netted holding area all farm sites are subject to annual environmental audits (water quality and seabed) to ensure environmental sustainability Irish Seafood Producers GroupBio Suisse, organic standards agency in SwitzerlandNaturland, organic standards agency in GermanyIOFGA, the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers AssociationFédération Nationale d'Agriculture BiologiqueEU Organic Symbol Duncannon Smokehouse Irish Smoked Salmon, Cold Smoked Trout and Oak Smoked Haddock are premium, prestigious food products. Please take the time to browse through our range before making a purchase.