Another summer recipe from chef Edward Hayden – Chilli Crab Salad with Smoked Salmon. Edward suggests possibly using this dish as part of a ‘seafood and shellfish platter’ with smoked salmon, lime & ginger calamari, tempura prawns and smoked trout pate. Sounds divine!   Chilli Crab Salad with Smoked Salmon In recent years Thai cuisine has become common place in Ireland, or at least Thai influences. In this salad we have fused some of the quintessential Thai ingredients with fresh crab meat. Crab is a very tasty shellfish and is often described as ‘poor mans lobster’ although in my opinion its flavour is far superior. It is a very good source of protein as well which is essential for the bodies growth and repair.   – 6 slices Smoked Salmon – mixed lettuce leaves – 1lb/450g fresh crab meat – ½ red chilli – juice of ½ lemon/lime – black pepper – 2 tablespoons crème fraiche – 1 tablespoon chopped coriander   Place all of the crab meat in a large bowl and with the tips of your fingers pass it through your hands to make sure that all pieces of bone and shell have been removed, as they can be quite sharp. Dice the chilli very finely (in case you are the person to get the big piece!!) Add the diced chilli, chopped coriander and crème fraiche to the crab meat and season with the citrus juice and cracked black pepper. Mix thoroughly and correct the seasoning to suit your own taste.   Serving Suggestions: Lay the salmon out flat on the plate and place a spoon of the crab salad on the side and serve with some mixed lettuce leaves and a slice of brown bread.   Sometimes I pile it into a ramekin lined with smoked salmon and make a smoked salmon and crab parcel which looks quite attractive for your guests.   Spoon small quenelles of the mixture onto some small circles of toasted soda bread as very attractive canapés.   Spoon the crab meat into a tian ring and top with a thin layer of very smooth guacamole.   Use as part of a starter tasting ‘seafood and shellfish platter’ with smoked salmon, lime & ginger calamari, tempura prawns and smoked trout pate.   Chilli Crab Salad with Irish Smoked SalmonThis recipe features in Edward’s book ‘Food to Love.’ You can source lots more of Edward’s recipes, and order his wonderful cook books, on   And you can click here to order your Irish Smoked Salmon from the Duncannon Smokehouse.