Duncannon Smoked Haddock, Trout & Salmon Medley
This recipe was given to us by Billy Whitty, Aldridge Lodge. Billy is the Georgina Campbell’s Ireland Seafood Chef of the Year 2013 and this is his recipe for a Duncannon Smoked Haddock, Trout & Salmon Medley.   Duncannon Smoked Haddock, Trout & Salmon Medley Make a white sauce by combining 20g flour and 20g butter with 200ml milk over a low heat. Pour the sauce over the haddock in a ramekin and top it with mashed potatoe. Bake this in the oven for 8 minutes at 180 degrees.   Slice the smoked salmon and dip it in a tempura made from 10g self-raising flour combined to a smooth batter with 50ml of sparkling water. Deep fry at 170 degrees until crispy.   Duncannon Smoked Fish MedleySlice the smoked trout and arrange it on the serving plate. Add the smoked salmon and smoked haddock. Garnish with lemon wedges, salad and capers.   An alternative to the haddock pie would be to pan fry the smoked haddock in a knob of butter and serve it with a soft poached hens egg.   Did you know that Duncannon Smoked Haddock won 3 gold stars in the prestigious Great Taste Awards 2013? Order some Oak Smoked Haddock today!