Contact us at Duncannon Smokehouse

Duncannon Smokehouse is part of our wholesale and retail premises on Wexford Street, New Ross, Co Wexford, Ireland where we produce Irish Smoked Salmon and Cold Smoked Trout.

You can call us on +353 51 421910 or email

You can also connect with us on Facebook and on Twitter

Registered in Ireland No. 49299

Directors Kai Ronan & Lee Lawrence

Duncannon Smokehouse Irish Smoked Salmon and Irish Cold Smoked Trout are premium, prestigious food products.

All of the fish are filleted by hand, which ensures minimal bruising and then pin boned by hand. The boned fillets are then dry salted for several hours. Our Irish Salmon, Trout, and Haddock are then transferred to racks and the smoking process begins. This can take between 7 and 12 hours. Once the smoking has been completed the fish are removed from the kiln and chilled.

Our Irish Smoked Salmon, Cold Smoked Trout, and Oak Smoked Haddock is available for resale to artisan retailers all over the world.

If you would like to stock our products in your shop please contact us directly and we will arrange to have samples of the products sent to you for tasting.

We can also discuss pack size requirements, in-store promotions, etc.

Duncannon Smokehouse products have a unique, delectable taste, very attractive packaging, and have been inspiring repeat purchases from loyal customers internationally since 1974.

Smoked Salmon and Cold Smoked Trout are also excellent gifts for special occasions and make unique corporate gifts. We can work with you on recommending complementary products such as wines and cheeses for hampers, presentations, or displays.